All the branches of Masons Chemists are proud to have been accredited as part of the first Healthy Living Pharmacies in Leicestershire.

In each of our branches you will find a fully accredited Healthy Living Champion who has completed a recognised qualification in Public Health and is available to talk about ways you can make adjustments to your lifestyle that make a difference to your health and that of your family too.

Making adjustments to your lifestyle can dramatically impact on your health- simple changes such as increasing your daily excercise levels can reduce your blood pressure, improve your heart health, reduce the risk of developing brittle bones and reduce the risk of developing Alzeihmers disease. And to get these benefits you don't even need to sweat it out in the gym for hours on end.

Our trained staff can help you make little changes that will add up to big improvements to your health- without you even noticing!

Why not come in and talk to our Healthy Living Champion or one of our pharmacists about your health?

We can advise and support you with:

  • Stopping smoking - joining our support programme can double the chance of you stopping smoking;
  • Safe drinking levels - complete one of our alcohol scratch cards and see if your drinking could be causing you harm;
  • Healthy Start Vitamins - specifically designed for pregnant or breastfeeding women and growing children;
  • Getting the most out of your medicines - a medicines MOT can help ensure your medicines are working for you.

We also offer a range of other pharmacy services including-

  • Electronic prescription service
  • Repeat prescription collection service
  • Home delivery service
  • Advice and support for minor ailments
  • Independent living aids
  • Emergency hormonal contraception


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